JJ023 – Employ Joy

Hello my beautiful friend!

I hope you are having a tremendously awesome day today.

If not, I pray that as you focus on one good thing, you will see the light in the midst of the dark. You are loved!

I’m checking in today.

There has been a lot of different moving parts in my life recently, all good things thankfully.

However, I’ve also noticed how even in the middle of good things, joy can easily fade and doubt can creep in.

I’m learning how important it is to have commitments in place to safe guard against anxiety and being overwhelmed.

Being more intentional about having quiet time and journaling has made a big positive difference for me.

Just allowing myself to be still and process and wait and process.

Then decide to employ joy again.

Finding Joy in the mundaneness that life can appear to be is so vital.

There’s a million miracles that are happening everyday.

You are one of those miracles!

Thank you for coming to visit today! Don’t forget to employ Joy on your journey.

See you next week my love!


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