Your Next Bold Move!

Hello my beautiful friend,

How are you doing? *pause and reflect, how are you actually doing*

I hope you are doing amazing and having a relaxing day.

I was listening to a talk by Brendan Brushard this week and he said “In the time of transition, you have to figure out your next bold move”. 

So that’s my question to you; what is the next bold move that you can take to get closer to the thing you say you want?

Mine was doing something I’ve never done before. I created a Free Challenge to help female pre-entrepreneurs to navigate hearing God and taking action towards their future.

Yours may not be that bold.

Your bold move could be looking at houses, writing a book, sending that email or even breaking that connection.

Whatever it is, this is the time to be as inventive and as creative as you dare to be.

Write the vision down. Ponder on it. Talk to trusted people about it.

Whatever you do, do not cling to comfort at the cost of your dream and future.

Is it going to be scary, most likely!

However, you can do it afraid. That’s what I’m doing lol

You are worth the risk.

Give yourself some time to think about what it is that you actually desire. Bring back to mind those childhood dreams, the things that ‘failed’ that you would like the courage to try again.

Action point:- Write it down!

Thanks for stopping by today, see you again next week my love!


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