Don’t Wake Me I’m Dreaming…


July 3rd. It was so silent I could hear time ticking away. At first I wondered and looked around for where it could possibly be coming from because there was no clock on the wall or anywhere else in the room. I finally located the source of the ticking, a watch on the table to the right masked by all the other abandoned artifacts. Then there it was again, the loud silence, it had drowned out the sound of time tick, tick, ticking away, picking at the life I had come to know. I thought so hard of the nothingness that my life was until laying there in the darkness I fell asleep. It was as if I was dead, then again I was. Dead to the world.

I woke up and smiled, jumped out of bed ready to face the day. The sun was out and shining gloriously. The light danced delicately into the room as it bounced off the leaves moving in the wind and through the branches making for a nature’s own delightful disco ball. Today my dears is going to be a fabulous day, I whisper to all living things in ear shot of me. It served as a subtle reminder for myself that no matter what happened today, it was going to be a great day and as long as I believed that, everything would be well.

I pop on my morning playlist of my favourite pick me up tunes to get me going as I head into the bathroom. I like to shower and get dressed as soon as I wake up so I don’t get tempted to bum around for too long, just incase someone dropped by. Unless it’s a workout day then I just get dressed and head out to do whatever activity we have planned. Today isn’t a workout day therefore, I shower, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, then head down to the office I set up in the back room when we moved in 3 years ago.

As I head through the bedroom, I go to the ipod dock on the white distressed dressing table I redecorated 18months ago, loved how it turned out, fills me with pride every time I look at it;  I click the music off and take the ipod with me. I walk unto the landing taking a peek at my watch, 9am. I take a moment to glance out the window with views of the front yard and the neighbourhood, the post usually arrives at this time and like clock work, there it was.

I skip down the stairs, in my white cami top tucked into my favourite skinny jeans and strappy slippers, to open the door before the postman could knock. “Good Morning!” I say with excitement as he was holding the package I had been expecting for the past week. He has a handsome kind face, “Good Morning! I believe this belongs to you.” he smiled at me as he handed me some mail and my package. “I’ve been expecting it for a week, happy it finally arrived” I must have looked like a little child at Christmas time, “Sign here please” he says still smiling at me. I sign the screen of the block they carry around, “Thank you! Have a nice day” tipping his hat at me “Thank you very much! You too” I reply with a broader smile, then off he went.

Hmmmm, it feels a little heavier than I thought it would, I can’t wait to open it up. I close the door, walk past the living room to the kitchen, put the package down on the island in the middle of the kitchen; I always wanted a grey and white kitchen with stainless steel trimmings and an island in it. I was so happy when this was finished, I had my dream at last, I almost cried, well I did shed a tear out of pure joy because it was more than I could have hoped for.

Nothing else interesting in the post today, just junk mail, bills and a letter from hmmm… no one I care to mention. I put the post in the draw with the others in the kitchen, it was almost time for a clear out of all the non-essential letters that had been there for more than four months so they don’t pile up.

Closing the drawer I get my finger caught “Gooo-rrrreeeeaaatttt!!!! Dayyy!! Tooddaaayy….arrrggghhhh!! I gritted teeth as I apply pressure to keep the pain contained. Positivity and optimism no matter what. As the pain subsides, I pick the box up and bring it through to the office I created in the extension we added to the back of the house along with our sun room that is made of glass with blinds at the top and curtains that come across the sliding doors. It looks out onto our garden, which is 2 acres of land with fruit trees, a vegetable patch and greenhouse in a corner. It also has a little pond in the middle with a bench swing attached from the big oak near it. That was one of my favourite spots in the whole universe, the peace and tranquility that I get when I’m there is just so wonderful.

I take another peek at my watch, 9:23am. My time’s almost up. I wish I could stay longer, but the formula hasn’t developed enough for me to be able to go more than half an hour yet. But it will get there, I’ll make sure of that. I’ll open you next time I whisper to the box and sit in my office chair as I feel myself drift back to reality.

“You’re back” I hear his voice from across the room as I regain consciousness. I’m not even frightened anymore, “What are you doing here?”it really creeps me out when he does this, just show up out of nowhere. “Can’t I stop by to see my favourite person in the whole world from time to time?” we’re not friends, he just likes to hang around me for some reason. “How long have you been here? How did you even get in?” I walk over to the door open it and stand waiting for him to take the hint. “Ahh about 5minutes. I let myself in, hope you don’t mind. You really should lock this place up better, any stalker could just waltz in.”

Totally ignoring me and my not so subtle hint, he makes himself comfortable on my sofa. “My door was closed quite securely with both locks actually and you’re evidently the only stalker I have.” Realising he wasn’t budging I slam the door shut and head to the kitchen. “Who said I came in through the door? More than one way to skin a cat love.” He proudly points to my window. Why he made all that effort to break in, I will never know; not sure I want to know…


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