Today at 4, Tomorrow at 9


“I can’t be!” She exclaimed. “But it’s clearly saying I am. I’ve been exercising, eating well and getting in at least  8hrs sleep per night for the past two weeks!” she said out loud talking to herself as she looked down at the scale on her marble bathroom floor. She took everything off that could add to her total, including her small diamond earrings she loved so much, they were an anniversary present from Roger, her husband.

She gawked at the scale as she moved around to try and get it to turn in her favour, with no luck. It still read variations around 11st. “How is that even possible!?” she questioned herself. “How could I have gained half a stone when I’m
doing everything I was told to do?” she sighed and slumped in utter frustration.

Then as if a light bulb came on she thought “Unlesssss!!! I’m gaining muscle! And that pushing my weight up. There can’t be any other reason. It’s not like we’re trying for a hhmmm.” She said as she laughed out loud. “Nah that can’t be it.” She let the thought slip away from her mind as she danced her way into the shower.
It came back as she tried to put on her once perfectly fitted pair of jeans that no longer went past her thighs. Even with the mammoth war she waged as she pulled, wiggled and squeezed; yet to no avail. She laid back on her memory foam mattress thinking “I just can’t be.”

As a way of consoling herself she went to check her calendar. “I am….” She said as she doodled passed the pages, then gasped as the realisation that she was in fact “three whole days past her period due date.” She sat wide eyed and panicked, her monthly had never been more than days late max in her whole life. The reality of what could possibly be happening in real life caused her to pause.

But not being one for overacting or over thinking things like Roger, she calmly closed the diary and made an appointment with her GP. She didn’t w
ant to take an over the counter test because it could get it wrong and she wanted concrete facts if she was going to have a melt down. “Today at 4pm will be fine. Thank you!” she said to the receptionist then hung up the phone.

After doing her makeup to make herself feel better after her fight with her jeans; she finally found a black dress with a bit of stretch in it that didn’t make her look like she just swallowed a baby whale. To top off her look she put on her pink loose jacket over it to add some layering and her pink stilettos then out the door she went after a quick selfie by the door. “We Slay baby!” She said out loud to herself after looking through her selfies and spotted ‘The One’.

She was off to meet with her team to get up to speed with all the events the were currently managing and to prioritise their  workload for the next two weeks. She was the owner of Scarlet Jones Events Specialists, a high end events management company she start right after university and she had built quite a name for herself. She catered for the rich and famous all over the globe, she’s known as the best of the best.

She pulled up outside her downtown office block in her mini convertible, greeted by her personal assistant Jenna. A bright eyed, chipper, super organised, bundle of joy who Scarlet absolutely adored. Just then her mind flashed back to when she told Jenna, “If I ever have a daughter I hope she’s like you,” now the reality of that happening was closer than she was comfortable with. Not because of the prospect of having a daughter like Jenna but at the thought of her being a mother. She suddenly felt sick.

After rushing to the Ladies room, she returned smiling and waving as if she had just arrived. “Hey everybody! Thank you all for being here and being on time, I appreciate you for that. Now let’s get to work!” they discussed their top three events happening that month then adjusted their schedule for the weeks ahead. Once that meeting was over, she had back to back meetings with suppliers and venues. Keeping her mind occupied was the best course of action to not think about what could possibly be going on inside her body that would inevitably change her life forever.


3:50pm At the doctor’s office.

Punctuality was very important to her so she arrived early, but not too early that she would go stir crazy thinking about what ifs. She sat as calmly as she could with her eyes and mind fixed on the magazine pages in her hand waiting to be called.

Time ticks by slowly, 4:05pm, her name still hasn’t flashed across the screen or been called. 4:10pm still nothing. Just as frustration got hold of her and she was about to have words with the receptionist, she heard “Scarlet Borne. Can Mrs Scarlet Borne come to room number seven”. She took her bag and went to see her doctor. “

You may be wondering why her company is Scarlet Jones but they just referred to her by Borne. It’s simple really, she started her company before she met her now husband Roger Borne. She kept Jones, her maiden, as her business name but took her husband’s name for personal matters.

Dr. A’kalya apologised for the wait, then Scarlet proceeded explaining to her doctor what had been happening, her doctor gave her a urine and blood test, because Scarlet didn’t want there to be any mistakes. “We’ll have the results soon but we’ll be closed for the day before I can let you know what they are, so I’ll give you a ring first thing tomorrow morning.” Doctor A’kalya said to her. Disappointed she had to wait so long Scarlet left feeling anxious and wondered whether she had it in her to act normal around Roger. She didn’t want to say anything to him, before she knew if there was anything to tell and she didn’t want to act strange for him to ask because she wasn’t a good liar.


The long way home

She made her way back to the office, called Roger to tell him “it’s going to be a late one at the office tonight babe. I’m sorry! Not sure what time i’ll be home… No, No, go to bed… I love you too! See you in the morning. Bye!” This wasn’t an oddity, she had spent a lot of late night’s in the office close to deadlines, so this wouldn’t cause Roger to worry.

She walked into her office with it’s exposed brick walls and big glass windows, set her tote bag on the table, turned on some smooth jazz to help calm her down and poured herself a glass of water. “Hello dear friend,” she muttered as she dropped herself down heavily into her  ‘thinking chair’, a swing chair she had installed right in front of the window. She breathed a laboured sigh and stared out across the valley unto the horizon as she often did to help her process things.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have children ever! She just loved the place she was at in her life and she wasn’t ready for it to be over just yet. She finally felt comfortable in her own skin, she had the right friends around her, didn’t feel like she needed to beg for anyone’s approval to live life the way she wanted to you know. She could pick up and go wherever, whenever with her husband because they had the finances and the people to handle things when they were away.

They  were in a great place in their marriage, they had been married now for five and a half years. The first three and a half were a struggle to put it lightly, they really had to fight for each other and to stay afloat financially.  Had it not been for divine intervention they would probably have been divorced by year four.

Thankfully, they are on the other side of that now through hard work and sheer determination. But adding a child, a baby!! To the dynamic right now was a daunting prospect. How was Roger going to react to the news? That was another thing that was troubling her. They had discussed it of course, but they weren’t planning on trying for at least another three years or so.

“On the bright side, we’re not still in the first three year stage,” she thought as she laughed out loud.

She pondered about calling one of her girlfriends but she wanted Roger to be the first to know that her being pregnant was a possibility. After hours of contemplation and worry she was finally able to get a little work done.

Before she knew it, it was 4am, so she called it a night, content to go home and get a few hours sleep before she got the results. She crept into the house as quietly as she could, not wanting to wake her husband; went through to the small room downstairs, curled up on the bed and went to sleep.


A call from the Doc

Buuuzzzzz, bbuuuzzzzz…. Scarlet was woken up by her phone vibration. Roger had come into the dark room and kissed her on the head before heading out to work, but she was oblivious to his presence being in such deep sleep. She picked up her phone that was laying on the side table next to the bed.

“Hello!” she said in a sleepy whisper. Dr A’Kalya voice slapped the sleep out of  her and she shot up, “Yes doctor, I’m here. Uh huh. Uh huh. Thank you, thank you so much.”

“Well there it is then, all the speculation over.” She sat on the side of a moment to let the news sink in, a smile creeping it’s way unto her face. She could finally talk to Roger about it, which brought a huge sense of relief to her. But how would he take the news that she didn’t even tell him she thought she was pregnant? She wasn’t going to worry about that now it was already done.


Gotta Go!

She had overslept, it was 9:30am and she had a 11am meeting that was an hour’s drive away with a big potential client. She rushed into the shower, jumped out and clothes were flying all over the room. Although the news had settled her mind, it didn’t change the fact that hardly anything fit. “A Maxi dress then.” She threw it on slipped into some flats, took her heels, portfolio, bag and ran out the door into the car she hired so she could do her makeup on the move and go over some points in her pitch.  “Step on it Charlie, I can’t be late.” she said to the man who had been driving her for the past six months whenever she couldn’t or didn’t want to drive herself.

She made it to the restaurant with five minutes to spare. Just enough time to walk in calmly and sit at the table before the clients who were five minutes late arrived. They were a high profile Art buyer and Lawyer couple who had just got engaged. I would tell you who they are but Scarlet’s all about being discreet. They want to hire SJ Event Specialists to coordinate their big day.

They ordered some drinks and got to talking. The meeting was supposed to be one hour but they got carried away getting to know each other, sharing some of their dating stories and Scarlet sharing some moments of her own. Scarlet did a quick five minute pitch at the tail end of their now two hour meeting, of ideas for their day and she was hired on the spot.

Scarlet made it her mission to connect with each client and make them feel like family but still maintain her professionalism at all times. If she couldn’t connect with the client then she simply let the job go. She had learned over the years that a connection like that was more important than the publicity a high profile job would get her company because a good relationship to her was what made it worthwhile; made the clients return and got her good references.

They said their goodbyes set the date for their next meeting, then called her assistant to fill her in. “Jenna! We have another one for the books. Meet me in my office in an hour and a half. What’s everyone getting for lunch? Hmmmmm… Not feeling Chinese, get me some Italian instead please, I’m craving some carbonara. Thanks hun, see you in a bit.”

“Hey baby! How are you? I miss you. I feel like I haven’t seen you for the whole week.” she said to Roger.

“Dinner tonight?”

“What do you want to have?”

“Ok! It’ll be waiting. You having a good day at the office?”

“Oh, good. Did the commission piece come in?”

“Brilliant! I look forward to seeing it some time soon.”

“I’ll see you tonight handsome. Love you”

She had a big smile on her face as she thought about how happy and grateful she was as she looked out the window with the landscape sweeping by and the wind blowing through her hair. The rest of the work day flew past.

Once home, she prepared dinner, had a shower and put on something nice  for her dinner date indoors with her husband. She was finishing off her barbecue sauce when her 6ft 3” rich chocolate skinned, chiselled, ray of sunshine came towering over her. “Hi Boogie!” she squealed with excitement as she turned to him. He lifted her and they enjoyed a long awaited passionate embrace and kiss.

“I missed you baby!” she said.

“Keep kissing me and looking like that and we might have to skip dinner altogether” he laughed.

“Slow down there tiger. I spent too much time on this food to let it go to waste. We have the rest of the night for that.”

“Oh, that smells real good! Forgot how hungry I am for a second.” Roger said as he put her down gently.

“Good! I made a huge rack of ribs, three types of salad, a little rice and made my homemade guinness punch.” she stated with pride.

“You missed me that much huh!? Or are we celebrating something?”

“Well, maybe!”

“What does that mean?” he chuckled.

“Let’s eat. I’ll tell you after.”


Dinner Date

They sat around their long mahogany table with space for twelve, enjoyed the delicious food and each other’s company. They told each other about work and joked about things that happened in the past. They were happy. In the silent moment, you could see he adored her, it showed in the way he looked at her, like she was a Queen. She was full of respect and admiration for him which showed in how she took care of him and herself; he was her King.

She pierced the silence with her words “I’m pregnant!” then sat with a smile on her face waiting for the news to sink in; his face showed he was obviously stunned by her revelation.

You may be wondering what happened, that made her overjoyed at the news of being pregnant after all she said before. Well! What you didn’t see was after she finished freaking out about the negatives, she thought of how wonderful it would be to have a child with the man that she loved more than anything. At a point when thing were thankfully in such an amazing place that they could provide for their child and have them grow up in a nurturing environment. She started to think about the little person who was growing inside her and what a miracle that was.

“Are…are you sure?” Roger replied stutteringly

“Yes! Yes I am. I made doctor A’Kalya do both types of tests so there would be no mistake. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier but I didn’t want to mention it before I knew what was really happening.” she said filled with excitement. “How do you feel about it?” she said timidly.

“I’m…I’m surprised for sure. But that’s amazing.” he paused then continued “You mean we have a little person…a little us growing in there!” as he touched her stomach. “Yh! Yh we do. We have a little us growing in there.” Scarlet replied as they held both held her stomach and cried.




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