I Know You

Photo used by cottonbro from Pexels

Savannah: “Please stop! You’re distracting me.”

D.J: “What? I wasn’t even saying anything.”

Savannah: “Your mouth isn’t moving but I can hear you talking.”

D.J: “What does that even mean?”

Savannah: “Exactly what I said.”

D.J: “That makes no sense!”

Savannah: “I can read what’s on you’re mind. I know you.”

D.J: “What!?”

Savannah: “Just stop! I need to finish what I’m doing.”

D.J: “What are talking about?”

Savannah: “You’re telling me you weren’t thinking about…”

D.J: “No, I wasn’t actually!” *30 seconds later…* “But I mean if you’re offering I won’t say no.”

Savannah: “I knew it!”

They both laugh.


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