JJ022 – Keep Hope Alive!

Hello Beautiful Friends!!

I hope you are having a super day today!!

I’m still working my schedule out, this week has been better


  1. I woke up earlier on more days than I did last week
  2. I was able to accomplish 80% of my to do list
  3. I did things that scared me. I spoke to random strangers sharing the good news and a smile!

Areas for Growth:

  1. I ate things that did not serve my body well. So need to make better food choices for next week
  2. Making selfish choices. I need to make choices that not only serve my present self but also have my future self in mind!
  3. Didn’t journal or read as much. Need to make that more of a priority for next week.

This week more than ever before I realised that things in my life are actually starting to come together. I can see a path forward starting to form and it’s pretty exciting.

I have been in seasons of my life where I felt lost and like I don’t have a clue where your life was going.

I was doing everything I knew to do but felt like I wasn’t getting far.

I want to encourage anyone who is feeling like I did, DON’T GIVE UP!

Keep moving forward.

Keep hope alive in you heart and your dream in front of your face.

Do things that make your heart happy and enjoy where you are in the process of life. It will make sense in time.

I’ll share more with you soon but for now, thank you for coming to visit today.

You are Awesome!

You are Worthy of Love and Life!

Until next week my loves xoxo


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