Story: It’s a Twin Thing – Episode 2

I took a risk to announce my new found independence.

I cut my hair and coloured it grey.

I had never done anything to it other than the occasional trim. It had grown to the middle of my back and now it was a bob.

My dad did a double take when he first saw me, nodded his head then kept on his way.

Later on while we were making dinner he asked what the hair was about. “Just thought I’d try something new. Live a little.”

“Ok” he responded simply and changed the subject. I knew there would be more questions but he wasn’t ready to ask yet.

Sabrina and Cass made a fuss over it, they were shocked. In their words they “didn’t think I had it in me but they loved it,” which didn’t surprise me.

If I was going to take a risk like this, it was going to be a very calculated one.It was strange getting all this attention from people that I didn’t realise even knew I existed. All it took was changing my hair and getting a couple new outfits. This was quite intriguing to me.

While I was on a roll I decided to purchase a ticket for a surprise visit to see Jean in Paris. I took the train of course, as they say, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and this was mine. 

She told me a few weeks ago that she was off for a few days which meant a long weekend that she was planning to use to just chill. I surmised if not now then when? I took that as my unintentional invitation. YOLO!?

Thankfully there were enough signs in English for me to know where to go. I knew enough french to get a taxi outside the station. I arrived at her flat 3pm on the dot. 

“Ahhhhhh!!” she screamed with utmost glee. “What are you doing here?! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? Your hair!!” 

“It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I had, would it,” I explained while we took my bags inside.

“I can’t believe you’re here!!” We hugged each other tightly, and she started to cry like the sap she can be sometimes. “Enough of that woman,” I said trying not to cry myself.

It had been 3 months since we’d seen each other in person and she knew how much courage I had to summon to get here. 

“You look different, but a good different. I’m loving the hair and the new look. What sparked the change?” She inquired.

“You,” I responded.

“Me?” she was puzzled.

“That’s what I said dear.” I’d seen her place over face time but she wasn’t doing a good job showing me the place properly; therefore I started looking around myself while she adjusted to my new look.

“This place is much nicer in person,” I stated. 

“Thanks, it was a real find, especially on my tiny budget. And it’s in walking distance to school which made it 100% better. I’ll take you down there later.” 

“Oh cool!”

“Wait. How long are you even here for?”

“I’m here until Sunday. My train leaves at 5pm.”

“Hahaha, Train! You clever girl.”

“You know me,” I responded with a cheeky wink.

“Ok, we have a few days, which means I don’t have to rush to show you around. But I don’t have much food in. I wasn’t planning to do the grocery shop until tomorrow.”

“Don’t let me spoil your plans. I’m good with whatever you’ve got, I’m not too fussed. Besides I ate lunch on the train. I’m not hungry now so we can plan for later.

“It felt good being here with her, in her space, experiencing her life. From the moment we passed into France I knew Dorothy was no longer in Kansas.

I was able to see some of the architecture and landmarks on the journey from the station. However, I was looking forward to exploring more of the city and meeting her friends. 



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