JJ018 – Healing Happens in Stages

Beautiful Friends!!

How are you doing today? Let me know in the comments below

I hope you are having a fantastic day!! If you aren’t, chose to do something {healthy} that makes you happy or bring some joy to you.

I was expressing some gratitude with a friend earlier. We spent 5 mins going back and forth, sharing the things we’re grateful for.

I shared that I was grateful for the fact that we can all heal.

It wasn’t a planned statement but it struck a cord within us both.

I am grateful that we can all heal from anything that happens to us in life.

No one is beyond help.

If we look at the body, it’s wired for self repair and to adapt to changes so that we can continue living.

I want to let you know that no matter what’s happened to you, YOU CAN HEAL.

It may not happen all at once but as you make one step at a time, you can get to your new normal.

You can live through it and you don’t have to just survive but you can thrive!

There are countless stories of people who survived the unimaginable and are living great fulfilling lives.

I’ve had difficult moments in relationships with my family, friends and myself; or even injuries that happen to my body. I think I get to a place that I’ve dealt with it, then it comes up again out of nowhere.

I’m sure you’ve heard the word ‘Triggered’ recently. It seems to be a buzz word right now.

What I’ve learnt is, something things gets stirred up about a situation I’ve previously worked on, that however does not mean I’m back to square one.

It simply indicates that there is another level of awareness that I’ve come to and something else to process through. Which is a good thing.

Here are 5 things I do when I get triggered:

  1. Be gracious with myself, but try not to have a pity party. Address the situation. It will not go away until it’s dealt with.
  2. Become as self aware as I can – what about the incident caused that feel/reaction from me?
  3. Practice gratitude. This helps me not blow the situation out of proportion; perception matters!
  4. Speak to a friend that can help me process through my feelings in a truthful, non-judgemental way.
  5. Get in touch with my counsellor, if necessary.

It came be exhausting when you’re dealing with multiple things at once. But I promise you if you don’t ignore it, get committed to working through it and create good accountability around you. You will get to the other side.

You are worthy of your own healing. Gift that to yourself.

Change is a constant in life, which means that whatever you’re facing has the potential for change.

I hope that helps someone.

Lots of Love,



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