JJ017 – Risk Taking

Beautiful People!! Hello!

I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

The best things in life comes as you take steps of faith to get to the next level in life. Things don’t move until you do.

I have been taking some risks coming into this year and seeing some tremendous things happen.

The 40 Day Prayer Challenge that I was on ended on Thursday 7th. I felt in my heart to start the youtube channel side to this blog at the beginning of the challenge.

Now, let me tell you, I love doing stuff in the background where no one can see me, so this was a definite stretch for me. But I did it in obedience and it helped me on multiple levels.

Fast forward to yesterday, I was on a training session and someone from the challenge who I had never spoken to, had sent me a voice note.

I knew it was a word from the Lord, I wasn’t able to listen to it straight away but I told her thank you for sending it, that I’ll respond later.

After the training I sat down and listened. It was 18mins long! She sent more as well.

She shared that she had seen my videos on Youtube (the ones I didn’t want to do remember) and had been looking for me ever since. Thankfully she was able to find me through our mutual friend.

God literally confirmed so many things that He had been speaking to me about. Even things I had been seeing and praying about that no one else knew about through her. *mind blown*

I am so grateful that I was obedient to do the videos and that she took the risk to send the voice note even though she didn’t know me.

If you have a dream in your heart that you’ve lost faith in because of difficulties. Take some time, pray and meditate on it, cause it to come alive in your heart and mind again.

You can do it! Don’t lose hope.

I cannot wait to share the goodies with you!!


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