Not the Tea. Just the Biscuit.

Hello beautiful lady or fella!

I hope you are having a splendid day whatever time it is and wherever you are.

Random but I thought I’d share to find out if there’s anyone else out there that does this lol

So, I’m not a tea person. I drink Hot water. Yup, just hot water, on the odd occasion herbal tea or hot chocolate if I’m feeling fancy.

However, sometimes I make a cup of tea, just so I can dunk my biscuit in it. Not for the tea just the soggy biscuit.

I have to be careful though. An ill timed dunk can be detrimental.

The result can be a hot mess, especially without a spoon.

Pieces of biscuit floating and disintegrating in my tea – not a recommendation.

Incase you haven’t figured it out by now I definitely like a good biscuit. See below for my list of top five contenders.

Biscuit Dunk-ability ranking: My Top 5

  1. Shortbread (my absolute fav!!)
  2. Danish
  3. Cookie (Freshly made. The gooeyer the better)
  4. Digestives
  5. Nice

Are you like me? If so, what you’re top 3 dunk-able biscuits?



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