JJ014 – Gratitude

Hello you beautiful person you!

I am so grateful that you came to visit today. I would like to say Thank you for taking your time to even show an interest in my blog.

I know we don’t know each other, or perhaps we do.

I want to let you know that you are Awesome! Yes, take a moment and absorb that truth.

No matter what your breath smelt like when you woke up, how dishevelled you appeared or whatever mistake you made yesterday, last week, last year.

You are still pretty Awesome!

I am thankful that YOU:

Are alive

Are unique

Are growing

Are inspirational

Have a story to tell

Get to live courageously

Have meaning and purpose

Were created by Love for love

Get to be the change you want to see

Are able to think and dream big dreams

Are gifted and talent (whether you believe that or not you are)

You my dear are a MIRACLE! in the best way possible!

You are so much more than you can possibly even know. Take sometime to appreciate the magnificence of who you currently are.

Big Hugs!!!


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