Story Time: In My Mind

Photo by Na Urchin from Pexels

In my mind I’m already there.

‘Operation Gambit’

It was not an easy task but somehow I knew it could be done.

My parents thought I had gone a little crazy. They insisted that I think things through before leaving.

That’s what they didn’t understand, I had thought it through, more times than I could count.

Fair enough there was a 98% chance I would lose and a 2% chance that I could win, so their doubts weren’t unfounded. It just wasn’t my version of reality.

In my mind 2% was good enough to go for it.

I had to reinvent myself and changing my name was first on the agenda.

I was born Eddie A. Thompson (E.T for short). That wasn’t epic, I needed epic.

I pondered on it for days, trying to come up with the right name that would get me to my dream.

Edward. Edward Titan. That would be it! Still got to keep E.T too which was a bonus.

Quite epic, if I say so myself.

I didn’t have enough money to afford even a new pair of shoes.

But I knew a guy.

And I knew another guy who could help me get on the plane.

I was going to get from Jamaica to London, no problem!

It was after I arrived where things were a bit sketchy.




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