JJ012 – LEGACY | What’s your work?

Sand timer image by Jordan Benton from Pexels

Hello you amazing human being you!!

Thanks for coming to visit today.

I hope that you will encounter and really feel all the joy and delight that each day has to offer to you. No matter what’s going on, there’s is always hope that life can get better.

I ask God to give you the strength to face every challenge with fierce courage and boldness. To find your happy place and to come into the fullness of your potential. {big hugs}

What keeps you going?

Legacy is one of the things that I think about often, consciously and unconsciously at times. I think about the ‘mark’ I want to leave when I’m gone and how I can make an impact to help someone else’s life experience be the best it can be.

I was speaking with a friend recently and I mentioned to her that I didn’t feel I was making enough of an impact in the world. We discussed, for a short time, what making an impact looks like, in my world at the moment.  Which made me redefine my idea of legacy a bit. To be honest, I’m still processing what legacy is for me.

I was watching an interview between Oprah’s interview and Wes Moore (there are so many gems in this interview) and they spoke about ‘finding your work’. Your work is different from what you do for a job just for an income. Simply put, your work is something you do or would do even if you were not being paid. Something you commit your life to.

That got me thinking about my grandmother.  She was able to feed a crowd of people, she wasn’t expecting, with the little she had. She shared words of wisdom with people who were in rough situations or needed help making a decision. She visited those who had no one else. She gave selflessly and lovingly. I loved that about her.

Her passing with a monumental loss because the entire community held her in such high regard and depended on her. Being a mother was her work. She cared, just to her children, but to anyone who came across her path. 

I think I’m getting closer to finding what my work is and I’m excited about that. I’m trying my best not to get side tracked by all the things that are good but not for now. 

Being aware of the season of life that I’m in is vital so I don’t rush ahead or lag behind. This is definitely a season of growth, preparation, building and learning to enjoy the process of becoming.

The thing that keeps me going in times when I feel like I’m not doing enough is reminding myself that the small things matter as much as the big things. The smile to a stranger, the gift that brightens someone’s day, the hug or text that let’s someone know they are cared for.

What are the small things you do to reach out to those around you? 

Do you feel like you know what your work is yet?

Have you figured out what you want your legacy to be when you pass on?


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