JJ009 – Awkward!

Hello Beautiful/handsome!

I hope you have had theee best day evveerr!!!

I am super excited right now because I had a really great week.

I had a few surprises which were lovely and a few challenges that I was able to process through and overcome. So I’m feeling quite happy with my growth this week.

Speaking of growth. I have been pondering something this week and another friend brought it up in conversation so I thought I would share it with you.

Back story:

I sat down watching T.V. and started to realise that I was switching the channel every time something awkward was happening. Am I alone or do you do that as well?

Whenever I noticed I was doing it, I forced myself to go back and watch the scene. For example, it could have been something simple like a scene of someone being on a first date that’s not working out or something that was supposed to be funny going horribly wrong.

As I watch, I can literally feel my insides screaming at me for putting it through the discomfort of having to watch the cringe fest of a moment.

That’s when it dawned on me that I was trying to avoid feeling ‘uncomfortable’.

Which begged the question, how have I been allowing ‘discomfort’ to rob me?

My friend shared that “discomfort is an opportunity to investigate.” Which was intriguing to me because I had never considered that.

Now let’s be clear.

There’s a difference between something making you uncomfortable and you know it’s because something is wrong. But there is a form of discomfort that is lead by fear which is blocking you from becoming your best and greatest self. I am referring to the latter.

In my own life, I’ve seen that it was a form of self protection from things I didn’t want to feel, such as rejection or the fear of failure.

My challenge to you and myself this week onwards is to try to recognise those moments of discomfort and lean in to investigate what we can learn from them. It could possibly hold to the key to your next step in life.


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