Story: It’s a Twin thing

Have you ever been so excited you felt like you could burst? Well, that’s me now.

Jean’s coming back from France tonight and she’ll be here for a whole, entire week! I’m so happy!!

Oh, you’re probably wondering who Jean is.

She’s my twin sister.

She went to Le Cordon Blue in Paris two years ago. I stayed home and studied at London Metropolitan University, down the road from our house.

Not sure you can tell, but I’m the safe twin and she’s the adventurous one.

I mean we talk all the time but it’s not the same as seeing her you know. And that, my dear is why I am soo excited!!

She arrives at the airport late afternoon, so she should hopefully be out by 7pm for pick up. Dad’s driving.

I can’t wait to see her, and hug her, and look at her face.

Which you may be surprised to know, actually looks nothing like mine. We’re fraternal twins you see.

We don’t really tell people we’re twins unless it comes up in conversation. They barely believe we’re related, we look that different.

I often wonder what it would have been like if we were a mirror image of each other. Would it make life more interesting or difficult?

Ahh well, guess we’ll never know.

I thought she would be too jetlagged to go out tonight but she insists that she’ll be fine. So, after pick up Dad’s going to drop us into central London to meet Sabrina and Cass for a drink.

Here she coommeeesss!!!

Hmmm…I may be wrong, but I feel like she has something to tell me.

I could feel it as soon as I saw her. It’s a twin thing, call it…twin tuition.

I was too happy to see her to pay it much attention at the airport. But I couldn’t get the feeling out of my gut at the bar.

“What’s wrong with you woman,” I chastened myself, “knock it off and have a good time.”

I tried, however I felt it wasn’t good news, not entirely news I wanted to hear anyway.

I managed to hold it together until she came down for breakfast this morning. But that was the end of the road for me, I had to ask.

“So, what’s happening with you then?” I asked casually.

“I feel like a hot mess! Who told me it was a good idea to out out straight after a late flight,” She responded.

“If I ever try to do that again make sure you stop me,” she continued with her head in the fridge looking for cheese to put on her toast.

“I’ll be sure to do that,” I stated then asked the question plainly. “Is there something you’re not telling me Jean?”

She stopped wide eyed, mid bite of her cheese and tomato toast. “What do you mean?” she retorted turning her face away to reach for kitchen towel.

“I don’t know. I just have that feeling I get whenever you’re hiding something from me.” I watched for her reaction.

“Hmm. I should have known I couldn’t have kept it from you for long. You’re like a blood hound when it comes to this stuff. You should be a private detective not a chemist” she declared, slightly annoyed.

“Well! I was going to tell you and Dad later but I suppose you should know first.” She took a deep breath, then shared that she had decided to spend a few years living in France after she graduates from school.

“I love it there,” she said with such joy. “The people are great, the food is amazing and I think it will be good for my career.” She stopped suddenly, I could see her looking for approval in my face.

I smile widely and squealed in excitement but my heart sank.

I miss her and wanted her back.

I supposed this was it, then.

Even though our lives had been separate from two years already, I assumed we would be back together again soon.

It was like waiting your turn in line at the supermarket, every step gets you closer to the inevitable.

Unless they close the till just before you get served and ask you to move to another, of course. And that’s what just happened to me, she closed the till when it was my turn.

Don’t think for a moment that I’m not happy for her. She’s right it is a great step for her. Especially with the opportunity to learn the culinary arts along side a famous French chef.

I guess I’ll finally have to start living that life I had on hold now. Figure out what solo life looks like for me.

Which in thinking about it, isn’t such a bad idea at all. I have to learn to go it alone sometime eh!

It’ll take some getting used to, the idea of her not coming home. Not that she’ll never come back home (she wouldn’t get away with that) but that it won’t be her real home anymore. At least no time soon.

Dad was fine with it. As always, he just wants whatever makes his girls happy.

“I’m going to miss you,” I said as we sat down for dinner around the table. “But, thank God for technology so we won’t be too far apart.”

“I’ll miss you too!” she replied holding dad’s hand and mine.

“You better get your butt on a plane and come visit me” she commanded looking squarely in my direction. She knows I hate flying. I looked up at the ceiling, we all laughed.


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