My JJ008 – The Struggle for Perfection

The Struggle for Perfection Instagram Post


Beautiful person that you are, I hope you have had a awesome week.

I found something out recently, that blew my mind and set me free at the same time.

‘Excellence does not equal Perfection.’

Mind… blown! So simple yet so profound.

Before I had this revelation, I struggled with trying to create everything perfectly or I didn’t feel it was good enough to be seen. That in turn kept me in a place of indecision and made me stagnant in a lot of areas.

I looked up the definition for both words.

Excellent according to the Cambridge dictionary, is defined as ‘extremely good’.

Perfect, on the other hand, means to be ‘complete and correct in every way, of the best possible type or without fault’.

Excellence equals doing your absolute best! Even if it’s not all perfect. Which is achievable for everyone no matter what your level of skill or education. All of us have the ability to be extremely good at something, anything.

You may be extremely good at art, science, solving problems, speaking or even shopping. Does that make you as happy as it makes me? I hope so!

Even writing the two words, they carry such different feelings. Excellence feels positive and hopeful. It stirs creativity and challenges us to get the best out of ourselves.

Perfect in relation to creativity for me feels restrictive and tense. There’s something untouchable about it.

Both require sacrifice, commitment and consistency but excellence opens a realm of creative freedom that trying to be perfect never has for me.

Don’t get me wrong, if you can get to perfect, do it. There’s a level of satisfaction that comes from getting to the point of perfection. But where do you go after perfection? Does the adventure end there?

For me, right now excellence is my goal. It may not be perfect, however, it will be the best that I can offer in that given moment. I believe in being consistent in going after excellence in what I do, I may just reach perfection.

Question: Is there any fun in being perfect? What do you think?

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

Booker T. Washington


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