My JJ007 – Small Progress is still Progress

inshot_20200815_wkoutpic1Hello beautiful people!!

Hope you are doing well and staying safe.

This week in the U.K, we had a few baking hot days. I had some quality sunbathing time in the garden, pretending I was on holiday somewhere exotic. 

The good news is the government lockdown is semi over now. Non essential stores have re-opened and travelling around has been a lot more relaxed, YAY!!!

It’s nice to have some more freedom of movement back. I had the opportunity to visit my family which was awesome, as I hadn’t seen them for quite a while.

My niece and nephew have grown sooo much. Holding them now requires actual focus haha! They’re moving about like lightening and making all the noise. But I love to see them so full of life. 

I’ve been working on different things and keeping myself busy, while being at home.

I have always loved exercising and doing my best to stay healthy. Like most of the world I too, have upped my game as it pertains to exercise.

I kept it versatile by going on long walks, exercising indoor and even picked up skipping again. 

I set my sights on having visible abs for my birthday early next year. Now, that may seem like a small or even silly goal to some but the challenge gave me something to aim for.  

Over the past three months, I have been the most consistent that I’ve ever been on my exercise journey.

However, there have been times when I did really intense workout, everything hurt and I’m a pool of sweat thinking “yeah!! I did some damage”.

inshot_20200815_wkoutpic2Then I look in the mirror and there’s not much difference which leaves me feeling disappointed and demotivated.

That’s when I have to remind myself that sometimes progress might be slow and I won’t necessarily see the change I want to the same day, but slow and steady wins the race.

Being committed to exercising is teaching me to be consistent, persistent, to have fun and enjoy the journey.

I have started to see results now, small though they maybe, if I pull my stomach in enough lol My arms are more toned and I’m strengthening my body, so I am happy.

After realising how frustrating and demotivated I was with the lack of fast results. I decided to change my measurement for success. and my aim.

Now, I don’t just want defined abs. I want my whole body being strong, toned and healthier.

I’ll post some pictures when I hit my target. I might show them off on a cheeky holiday who knows. 

My advice to you and myself is, learn to celebrate the smallest wins. The little bits of progress you notice. 

Everything starts in seed form, so let’s nurture the seeds so we can get to the fruit (success whatever that looks like for you).

Life is definitely not what it was before COVID 19 and the lockdown. However, I’m looking forward to seeing what this new normal has in store for us in the day to day aspect of things.


My Journey Journal,



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