My JJ005 – Questions and Understanding

There’s been a lot going on in the world around skin colour, human value and privilege lately. I’m not going to pretend I know all the complexities of all that’s involved.

However, I have cried as I witnessed suffering, smiled and felt such joy as I witnessed solidarity and faith rising in the midst of oppression. Worried about the safety of my brothers and sisters, our children and our friends who marched against injustice. Wondered if anything would actually change, I’m praying it will. Hoping some better choices will be made.

I think at the core of the issue is how we have been trained to think, the questions we have not asked and the dialogues we aren’t willing to engage in. The real work it takes in order to bring about the effective change that’s needed is going to take unlearning a lot of things, relearning some things, a truck load of understanding.

I tend to assume things, especially if I’ve experience it before, think I know a person or thing well enough. But recently I’ve been learning, over and over and over again! that I should not assume anything, instead I need to ask questions to gain more clarity and understanding. Still working on that.

That involves, asking myself and others questions to assess where I am and what I truly believe to be true. Questions about my own mindset about people, things, my experiences, my history and my future. Questions about how people would like me to support them, relate to them and the list goes on. I’ve begun to realise that effective change does not start on the outside, it is first and foremost an inside job.

I must consider, am I really open to listening the answer that comes back to me, even if it is not what I want to hear?

Furthermore, after the questions, am I willing to do the work to change based on the answer, if it calls for me to do so? Am I willing to embrace the pain, choose to forgive, to change my mind, be compassion and be patient?

None of us are perfect. We all have history, that has been or will cause misunderstanding. However, are we willing to sit down and talk about it, without judgement or disregarding the other person’s experience because of how it makes us look or feel?

No matter what, I still remain hopeful that great days lay ahead of us, where we can all come together to make a difference in the world around us, whether that be in a small way or a bigger way.

I encourage you, Whatever’s in your power to do, do that!

A little love goes a long way…

My Journey Journal,



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