Mr. Not so Lucky

Ian, a tall slender man, the kind you notice when he enters a room. He had a presence about him, the ‘I’m smart and I know it but I’m humble about it’ kind. Mr. Brown as he is known to the students, was the best looking teacher in the whole school, all the popular girls definitely thought so.

He seemed unsettled today however, his usually pristine suit was a little dishevelled, his usually slicked hair was out of place and he was all sweaty. To be frank he looked a hot mess, which is a far cry from his usual debonaire self.

“Are you alright sir?” Cindy asked with genuine concern in her voice.

“Yes Cindy, I’m fine thank you,” his response was sharp, not convincing at all. But then again would he really tell a student his problems? Certainly not!

“Class please turn to page 23 of your workbooks. We will be discussing the French Revolution” he stated sternly, trying to gain a sense of control. Along with the rustling pages, little pockets of conversations could be heard all over the room as the students tried to figure out what had happened to him. 

“His girlfriend chucked him out because he was caught cheating…”

“He got attacked by wild cats…”

“He was arrested by 5.0…”

In actual fact, he was having the worst morning of his life. It was as if he has exchanged lives with someone else, a less fortunate, more clumsy person. He has never had this much bad luck in his 35 years of life all put together.

He woke up because he fell off his bed at 4am this morning, hitting his head on the bedside table as he went down. He didn’t’t remember it being that close before. He went into the kitchen, put some frozen peas on his head and wondered what that was about.

After half an hour, his headache started to subside so he went back to bed. Safe to say he wasn’t able to get back to sleep after the shock of what had happened. Instead of trying to go back to sleep, when it was clear that ship had sailed he went to have a shower. 

Stepping out of the shower, he slipped on a wet patch on the floor. Landing hard on his tailbone; he let out a cry of rage that could be heard a mile down the road. He held onto the counter and lifted himself slowly off the ground, rubbing his derrière tenderly to soothe the pain. He started to feel as if  someone was playing a prank on him. 

He did his best to pull himself together while coping with the pulsating pain in his head and his butt. For the first time in his life, he didn’t care about how he looked; he was determined not to be defeated by ‘bad luck’.

It was now, 6am, he had porridge and a bowl of fruits for breakfast. He didn’t want to chance getting into an accident by driving, so decided to take a taxi to work, so he would get there early and be fully prepared for his first lesson of the day.

The Taxi pulled up at 7am on the dot, he paused at the door, making sure he had his keys before closing the door. He walked down the steps with as much poise as he could manage. Opened the Taxi door and crawled in, sitting at an angle for comfort. 

The school is located 30mins drive from his house. He usually gets there in 15-20mins depending on the traffic, he has a need for speed. Today, would not be one of those days. There was an usual amount of traffic that has been generated from road works at the busiest junction in town.

It took 45mins to get to where he would have been in 15mins. He decided it would be quicker to go by foot, if he was going to get to school on time. He paid the driver and climbed out of the car with as much care as he got in.

He was texting Ted to let him know he may be late so he wasn’t paying attention to where he was walking and stepped in a pile of dog poop right in the middle of the pavement. He felt the rage rising within himself, it could only be compared to a volcano ready to explode. He quickly composed himself, went over to the side of the road and tried to scarp off what he could from his shoe.

Then he remembered what he had said the day before, “I believe people make their own luck,” boasting to Ted at lunch. He held his head in his hands wondering if this was life’s way of showing him otherwise. What would Ted say when he found out? 

His determination waxed stronger, he would not be defeated, he was not the ‘unlucky type’, he made his own luck. He was crawling along then saw the Taxi he had left behind drive past him with another passenger.

He eventually got to the school at 8:30am walking through gritted teeth due to the pain. He cleaned his shoe thoroughly, straighten himself up and went to his class, arriving 10mins late. He managed to get through his first set of classes, cranky though he may have been, it was more torture for the students than for him.

At lunch he relayed the days events to Ted who had no issue showing he found it all very amusing, he laughed until his belly hurt. “Well Ian, for a guy that’s so fortunate, you’ve sure had a series of unfortunate events,” he stated recovering from laughter. Ian couldn’t help laughing along at his ordeal, which ironically helped him feel less angry about it all.  

“It’s not funny Ted” said Ian.

“You’re right! It’s hilarious! I’ve never known a lucky man to be so unlucky,” Ian responded. “I’m surprised you even came in, after what happened this morning.”

“I didn’t think it would have been this bad.” 

“If I were you, I’d go home, get some rest and start again fresh tomorrow.” Ted advised. “Let’s hope that tomorrow you’ll be back to normal eh.”

“I think I might just do that. I’m exhausted! Can you organise some cover for me?”

“With pleasure.”

“Thank you! I’ll see you tomorrow”

Ian called a taxi got his things and headed home for the day to rest and recuperate from his injuries.  

Do people make their own ‘Luck’? he found himself pondering.


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