My JJ 003 – Spring Cleaning

I had noticed the dust hanging on the edges of the lampshade when I moved in, I don’t think anyone had cleaned it for months by the looks of it. But as we know dust is no one’s friend and it accumulates at such a rapid pace.

Not sure what it was about that particular day but I was in the cleaning mood. That was my first task! I climbed up on a the with my scarf wrapped around my hair and face. I had just washed my hair the day before and I didn’t want the dust getting in it, in my eyes or on my face at all for that matter.

The shade is circluar with lots of little creases all the way around it. It hangs upside down so the view of what’s happening inside it can only be seen when I went looking. I unscrewed the light bulb and then took the lampshade off. It had collected a lot more dust than I anticipated, but I was up to the task.

I took it into the back garden with a toothbrush and proceeded to brush all the cobwebs from each fold bit by bit. I went around in a circle three or more times, each time brushing off another layer of dirt which at points took me by surprise as I thought I’d already finish with that part.

Then it dawned on me. Our hearts tend to be like this lampshade. We go through life experiencing different traumas that we don’t deal with or only partially. But if left untreated it becomes like the lampshade very dusty and spilling over.

The issues of our heart, I’ve found, are dealt with in levels as we discover more about ourselves, more about others and more about life.

What issues have you been ignoring that needs a good spring clean?

Have courage to face the issue but also be kind to yourself and others as you unpack those things. The other side to the story may not be what you think it is.

My Journey Journal,



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