My JJ 002 – Time for Change

Hello, Hello, Hello!! Beautiful People!

It has been a HOT! Minute, but alas we move…haha

I’ve been wanting to write for the longest time but I didn’t quite know how to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper. Isn’t it interesting that even though my thoughts were in my head, I was still worried about offending someone with my truth?! Don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that (if you have let me know in the comments).

I have been ‘hiding’ in plain sight, also in slight seclusion just trying to figure out my life. Life can get soo real sometimes, especially when it’s unexpected, that’s exactly what happened. But I’m finally coming out on the other side of what has been a life changing 5-6years, mainly the last 3 years. I’m sure I’ll share some of what happened and the lessons I learnt along the way.

I’ve had this thing where I thought I had to have something ‘profound’ to say or I couldn’t write a post. I realised that I was allowing fear of not being perfect or having the right words and comparing myself to others to rob me of my voice. Which is unfortunately a trap many of us fall into.

The truth is my life story and what I’m learning is all I have to offer, it may not be as glamorous as other people’s but that’s ok. I’m not perfect! Not even close lol But I am progressing on my faith walk with Jesus, in my relationship with myself and with others.

Hopefully these blogs will be of encouragement to someone. You are most welcome to walk with me along my journey!

My Journey Journal,


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