To sleep or not to sleep?

I can’t remember when things changed but I soon figured if I left when the clock said 7:14am I had just about enough time to run to the station (praying along the way that there would not be a queue at the machine), get my ticket and get unto the train.

I’ve tried to get up earlier to get to work earlier to relax into the day, but I like my sleep you see so that’s a bit of a challenge I’m still rising to. I have managed to get in early a few times though and I’m really proud of myself for that. I really am. It felt so good lol.

Unfortunately, I’ve conditioned myself to run, I tell myself it’s ‘my exercise for the day so I’m actually doing myself a favour by getting body going early’. Ha! Am I wrong?

My morning goes something like this….

5:45am *Alarm rings* roll over *swipe* roll over.

*Alarm rings* roll over *swipe* “5 more minutes”.

Open eyes, check the clock, “I have 2 more minutes”.

Open eyes, check the clock, 6:35am “oh gosh how did that happen?” (rhetorical question) I jump up out of bed, put on my robe, grab my wash bag, into the corridor and up the stairs hoping no one’s in the bathroom.

Shower, come back down, checks the clock 6:59am; “ok I can do this in 12 minutes”. Grabs the lotion because ain’t nobody tryna be ashy for the whole day, I’d rather be late!

I decided what I was going to wear last night but I can’t remember what it was. So I stand multitasking, rubbing in lotion and looking for my outfit. Finally I find something I don’t have to iron because I clearly don’t have time for that.

Time check, 7:10am. Whoa, I have a couple of minutes, I can do this! Oh my hair! Darn it! Moisturiser, rub, rub, rub. Time check 7:13am arrgghhh gotta go! Drag on coat, grabs bag, forces door closed.

Brisk walk into the kitchen, open fridge, grab lunch, back through the house, locks front door. Time check 7:15am…I run all the way to the station in my heels thinking “Today was not the day to be wearing these shoes, but hey, no turning back now!”

Make it to the stairs to the platform, stop and take a breath to allow my burning legs a break before climbing these five flights of stairs. I run up them as fast as possible hoping and praying that no birds poo on my head or my clothes on that second leg. Yup made it another day, whoohoo!

Legs. Burn. Argghhh! Must get Ticket. must get on train.

Platform level people are getting off and on the train, “can I make it?” time check 7:15am.

Ok so this is probably a good time to add some Pre-context: I’m supposed to get up at 5:45am and leave at 6:49 (room time) latest to get my early train at 6:59am. Or get up at 6:10am and leave at 7:12am (room time) latest to get my 7:17am train without having to run, be able to get my ticket and walk comfortably unto the train and wait a few minutes before it pulls out of the station.

*Pre-Pre-Context – Room time means the time on the clock in my room which I set 5 minutes ahead of the time on my phone, which is the same time as the time at the station and work.

Ah! I remember! They Changed the train time from 7:04am to 6:59am when we entered the New year. Who knew 5 whole minutes could make such a big difference…huh! Anywho, I’ll keep making progressive efforts in moving towards getting that earlier train.

So I run past the train with the people leaving and boarding. Thinking to myself that they probably know me as the girl in the camel coloured coat that’s always running for the train, they’re probably as surprised as I am when I’m not running for the train.

I get to the ticket machine, both occupied! *Face palm moment*
“Come on people, please hurry up! I CAN’T MISS THIS TRAIN!!!” I shout in my mind. Yay! my turn. Time check 7:15:49am. I start sweating now, am I gonna make it today? I truly don’t know.

Got it! Run run run! jump on, seconds later the doors sound and close. I made it!

“Thank you God!” I say quietly out loud, panting hard.

Get off train at the other end and walk calmly as majority of the people who walked calmly unto the train are now running for the train that’s arriving two platforms over.
I feel a sense of accomplishment and cheer them on as they continue their day’s journey.

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