Sometimes I don’t recognise you, even though I’m looking straight at you.

I find it hard to accept and forgive some of your decisions. The pain your yes welcomed into the lives of so many.

Sometimes I think you are the most amazing human being on this planet! Your bright smile, your high cheekbones & your brown skin so beautiful. Your heart so big and courageous! Joy is your super power! Thanksgiving your weapon of choice.

The darkness in you is sometimes scary though, the hollow logic that takes over feeling. You push your own self aside not caring what happens to you as long as they’re ok. But even that’s not enough you still fall short, it wasn’t right!

You still have a mountain to climb to see her. The you, You wish you were, You should be, You could be. So you keep climbing hoping one day you’ll recognise her.

‘You’ is *Me* I’m trying to love the me that I see in the mirror everyday. The one once rejected by the one who should have protected her from harm. I stand staring at the girl with the vaguely familiar face because sometimes I don’t recognise me. I haven’t always made the best decisions but I’m learning to be & cherish my authentic self, flaws and all.

Loving me isn’t easy but I’m worth it! I keep on climbing.


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