My JJ 001- How I started writing 

It’s so interesting to me how life has a complicated, yet simple way of working things out. In 2015 I decided that was the year I would start putting the effort into reading again, because I probably had not read a full book in years. I think that year I went through 10 books or so, which might not seem like a lot to some people but after not reading for so long it was a big achievement for me *Yay me!*. I aim to read at least 1 book per month which can sometimes be a challenge depending on how busy life gets but I definitely have to read now if I want to be a good writer.

Although I was nurturing my desire to read, I had no real desire to write books or short stories, like I do on my blog. I was more focused on moving image and photography. Then, one day last summer (2016) I was in my room listening to music then this one paragraph came to me and from that point I have been writing stories, thinking of plots and seeking to continually develop my skills.

I am a writer. Wow! Never thought I’d say/type those words ha! I am thoroughly enjoying the journey so far, even the days when I write a whole section that I know won’t work but that’s all I had that day.  Although I know this is just the beginning and I have quite a way to go in perfecting my craft, developing my style, finding my voice and the issues I really want to write about, etc, this is exciting and brings me such joy *hopefully you too*.

I want to say thank you to all those who have encouraged, liked, shared, proofread and just been a constant source of support to me thus far. My words can’t fully express how truly wonderful you all are.




My Journey Journals, 



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